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Ecodesign Technician #RO

Date:  8 Jul 2024
Company:  CAF Digital & Design Solutions


CAF Digital & Design Solutions is a multidisciplinary engineering centre specialising in the development of railway vehicle projects, as well as an accelerator in the implementation of digital manufacturing and a benchmark in digitalisation and additive production in the capital equipment sector.

Our main line of business has been developed in the field of rail transport, although other lines of work have now been successfully established, such as the automotive sector and our CAF Digital Manufacturing business unit, which covers all the services that make up the digital cycle.

With all this, we are dedicated to Multidisciplinary Engineering and Consultancy services specialising in Design Projects, Refurbishments, Wagons, Commissioning and Maintenance of infrastructures. With the extensive experience accumulated in the transport sector and with our highly qualified team, we are committed to developing solutions aimed at safety, economic viability and environmental sustainability.


To guarantee the sustainability and quality requirements of the equipment, means and components used for the development of railway vehicle projects, satisfying the needs and requirements of the end client, ensuring compliance with project requirements, implementing the policies and procedures defined by the head office.

Functions and Responsibilities:

Compliance with Ecodesign requirements within a project (client, regulations, legislation...) under the central supervision of the company in Beasain.

Coordination with the technical teams for the validation and traceability of the components and means used.

Validation of the life cycle of the materials to be used.

Compliance with the Quality Management System (QSMS).

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